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The Smartphone, #LG G5 is the first mainstream Modular phone. There are numbers of  attempts done under Google’s Project Ara  but none found success in mainstream.

LG G5 is now opening the Pre-Registration by the Soth Korean tech giant  at MWC 2016, in US.The pre-registration page says,”The G5’s fast processing speed will make this phone ideal for the ultimate multi-tasker”.The  fast processing speed will make this phone ideal for the ultimate multi-tasker.The company has already launched the #LG G5 Quick Cover case ahead of the smartphone’s MWC launch. Buy LG G5 From Upcoming Amazon Sale Between 11th -14th may 2017.

Shaping Up Web Design: Video Backgrounds and UI Animations

Video backgrounds and UI interactive motion web design animations are taking the web by storm and increasing the average user experience. These two trends are particularly popular because they improve a web visitors interest on a page. Both of these web trends have put a spin on the average plain and simple web design.

They have a created a space to increase user interest and last even longer on the page.  NTW Designs, officials located  at http://www.ntwdesigns.com/ is a USA based web design company that provides advanced web solutions. Read below as the web designers at ntw go deeper in defining video backgrounds and UI animations.

Indus Water Treaty Analysis and Importance in Indo Pak Relation

What is Indus Water Treaty ?

Indus Water Treaty is water distribution Treaty Signed by India and Pakistan with world bank as intermediary. It was signed on 19 september, 1960 at karachi by Indian Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru and president of pakistan Mr. Ayub Khan.

According to Indus Water Treaty, The control over the three “eastern” rivers — the Beas, the Ravi and the Sutlej — was given to India, while control over the three “western” rivers — the Indus, the Chenab and the Jhelum — to Pakistan. Since all six river including that given to Pakistan flow through India rivers first therefore the the treaty allowed India to use them for irrigation, transport and power generation, while laying down precise regulations for Indian building projects along the way.

Indus Water Treaty

Sahara fraud case story and Code for Compulsory Costs was the new Law evolved

Hey, guys today we are with Sahara fraud case story and Code for Compulsory Costs the new law evolved. As in todays era the Rich people thinks that the rules and laws lie under their boot to get them rid out of their this disease code for compulsory cost is a good medicine. This law ensure ensure the sense of security among the investors and also ensures a punishment to the thugs. For understanding it let’s have a look over the sahara fraud Case.

Sahara fraud case story and Code for Compulsory Costs

Sahara fraud case story and Subrato arrest case

Without permission from SEBI ( Security and Exchange Board Of India ) Sahara opened two companies namely  Sahara India Real Estate Corp (SIREC) and Sahara Housing Investment Corp (SHIC). Sahara group raised crores of rupees by issuing OFCD  ( Optionally Fully Convertible Debentures ). SEBI ordered Sahara to return the money to public with 15 percent of interest rate to the public and to show the receipt as well. As Subrato refused to the order of SEBI and went to SC. Securities Appellate Tribunal (SAT) set up by SC ruled in favour of SEBI and ordered Sahara to refund the money within 6 weeks. Subrato thought going to jail is a better option then refunding the money hence got arrested in 2014 and enjoyed the Tihar jail trip for two years. Now in 2016 he is out of the jail on parole.

Kakching Super Division League Result Updates Latest

We are with Kakching Super Division League Result Updates The ongoing football war Kakching Super Division League is going with a very good pace . The Young talents of Manipur are enjoying at their best and are showing their Skills .

Kakching Super Division League Result Updates

  • The 15th Ksh Leihao Devi Memorial Super division League Football Tournament which was organised by the District Sports Association , Kakching began on July 23 at DSA Playground .
  • opening match, Kakching Popular Sporting Club (KPSC) and Public Youth Club (PYC) played a 1-1 draw .
  • KMSWC, Keirak held KFC, Kakching 1-1 on the second day of the ongoing Kakching Super Division League Football Tournament .
  • In the Third match strike from Akash in the 37th minute helped KFC, Kakching take a 1-0 lead but
    Minutes later, KMSWC, Keirak levelled the scoreline after Arif Khan netted in the equaliser in the 41st minute of the match , Stephen and Kishorchandra of KFC and Md Anwar of KMSWC were yellow carded due to misbehavioral activities .
  • In the Next match YWU, Kakching and AKSA, Kakching Khunou played a draw of  1-1 in Kakching Super Division League Football Tournament .
  • In the Next match first match today, YDO, Sora edged past KFC, Kakching by a margin of 1 goal to nil.
    The only goal of YDO was scored by Md Ruhit Khan in the 3rd minute of the match .
  • Same day In another match of Kakching Super Division League Football Tournament   AKSA, Kakching Khunou handed an easy 3-1 defeat to KMSWC, Keirak .
  • On 2 August PYC, Keirak sweeped SWC, Waikhong by 2-0 in match .
  • On the same in next match Md Ali Khan scored three as YPO, Sora handed a crushing 5-0 defeat to IYA which acclaimed as one of the biggest defeat .
  • In the Next match SAO, Kakching defeated UBSA by 3-1 ,winning goals of SAO came from N Romesh, E Joykishan and Wangkheinpam in the 36th, 42nd and 53rd minute respectively whereas in the 82nd min Kh Messenger found the only goal .

Kakching Super Division League Result Updates


Strategic Management Notes [PPT]

Strategic Management Notes in PPT and PDF Format for Quick Study:-

Here we are providing Strategic Management Notes  for all topic of  which are covered by Strategic Management.

Framework of Corporate Analysis, The Resource Based View (RBV), VRIO framework,Value chain analysis,Strategic Budget,SWOT Analysis – Definition, Advantages and Limitations,Strategic Audit,TOWS Matrix,Strategic role of SM in Marketing,Strategic Human Resource Management,ENVIRONMENTAL ANALYSIS,Porter’s 5 force analysis,Corporate strategy,HR’s Strategic Role,Business Performance Management (BPM),Predictive Analysis,PESTLE Analysis of the Global Aviation Industry,Boston Consulting Group (BCG) Matrix ,GE Nine Cell Matrix,Porter’s Diamond Model

Behavioral Finance Notes [PPT]

Behavioral Finance Notes in PDF and PPT Format for Quick Study:– 

Here we are providing Behavioral Finance Notes for all topic which is covered by Behavioural Finance.This is five unit subject.These units will give you a referencing view of all the topic. Here Unit 1 covers the topic such as Behavioural Finance: Nature, Scope, Objectives and Significance & Application. History of Behavioural,Finance, Psychology: Concept, Nature, Importance, The psychology of financial markets, The psychology of investor, behaviour, Behavioural Finance Market Strategies, Prospect Theory, Loss aversion theory under, Prospect Theory & mental accounting—investors Disposition effect

Behavioral Finance Unit 1 Notes[ppt]

Unit 2 covers the topic such as To understand the cognitive psychology,To understand arbitrageur, To understand the fundamental of risk, To understand Expected utility, To understand theories based on expected utility

Behavioral Finance Unit 2 Notes[ppt]

Unit 3 covers the topic such as Ellsberg paradox,Rationality from economic prospective,Behavioral Decision Making ModelsEconomic Rationality Model, Simon’s Bounded Rationality Model, Herbert Simon and bounded rationality, Investor Time Horizon, Bubbles,Systematic Investor’s Sentiments.

Unit 4 covers the topic such as External Factors and investors behaviour,Fear and greed in Financial Market,Balance in fear and greed level,Emotions and Financial Markets, Emotional Stages of an investor, Geomagnetic storm, Statistical methodology for capturing the effects of external influence onto stock market.

Behavioral Finance Unit 3 and Unit 4 Notes[ppt]

Unit 5 covers the topic such as Behavioral Corporate Finance, Understanding the manager’s behaviour,Empirical data on dividend presence or absence, Ex-Dividend Day, Timing of good and bad corporate news announcement, Systematic approach of using behavioural factors in corporate decision-making, Neurophysiology of risk-taking, Personality trait and Risk Attitude,

Behavioral Finance Unit 5 Notes[ppt]