What is Indus Water Treaty ?

Indus Water Treaty is water distribution Treaty Signed by India and Pakistan with world bank as intermediary. It was signed on 19 september, 1960 at karachi by Indian Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru and president of pakistan Mr. Ayub Khan.

According to Indus Water Treaty, The control over the three “eastern” rivers — the Beas, the Ravi and the Sutlej — was given to India, while control over the three “western” rivers — the Indus, the Chenab and the Jhelum — to Pakistan. Since all six river including that given to Pakistan flow through India rivers first therefore the the treaty allowed India to use them for irrigation, transport and power generation, while laying down precise regulations for Indian building projects along the way.

Indus Water Treaty

Indus Water Treaty is one of the most successful agreement done between India and Pakistan till date and it is the world’s most peaceful water sharing treaty.

Pakistan misbehaviour over Indus Water Treaty

As per the treaty, India can use the waters of the western rivers upto a certain extent. For the purpose of Irrigation, transport and power generation because of the reason that these rivers flows through India. But whenever India has started any project over these rivers Pakistan has raised the issue to the international forums claiming over India that violation of Indus Water Treaty is being done by India. Due to this reason many of the projects of India were being delayed and India has suffered losses.

As per the treaty India can use around 20% water of the western rivers but India uses very less quantity of water from the western rivers.

India can trouble Pakistan using Indus Water Treaty

Indus is the only river flowing in Pakistan. Indus irrigates around 1,10,000 hectares of land of Pakistan. Pakistan will die thirsty in absence of Indus river. As Indus river flows through India and if India violates the treaty and  started to use the water of Indus at its fullest then there will be huge scarcity of water in Pakistan.

In case if India don not want to violate the Indus Water Treaty, then also it can trouble Pakistan as  India can use eastern rivers fully as much as it can and it can use 20% of the western rivers so by using these at their fullest India can make Pakistan into a big trouble.

Impact of Uri attack over Indus Water Treaty

The Uri attack which took place on 18 september 2016 in which 18 Indian soldiers were killed India has decided to take some steps over Indus Water Treaty. Prime mister of India Mr. Narendra Modi has said that “blood and water can not flow togather”. Following are the new recommendation from India’s side.

  • No review of the treaty as it was done earlier.
  • India has decided to use water under its share to its fullest.
  • India suspended water commission talk until terror stops.
  • 20% of the river water will be used for irrigating the fields of J & K farmers.
  • Reviewing of the projects will be done over which Pakistan has objected.
  • India will focus more on building Hydropower projects over western rivers in order to ensure fullest use.

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