What Special We Humans Have ???

Being human we are claiming to superior of all the species around us, as you can eat chicken if you want, all other animals will work for you, you can use other animals hair, milk and whatever you want.
We are claimed as the most civilized ones as we wear good clothes, we eat food after washing our hands we have language to communicate, we bath everyday and eat food in awesome class utensils.
We are claiming ourselves to have the most efficient brains because you have discovered lot of sophisticated things and you can treat yourself.

This means our life will be of some great value if it have some value the what value it have actually, can we put some price tags that what is the cost of one human life and in what currency the billing should be done. I know most of you people who think yourself to be among the intellectuals might have came out of this dilemma just after reading these lines and guessing what answer you will be getting in the next line and answering to your mind that “Life is priceless” , I too agree with this that life is priceless and we have no such currency in which we can pay for life and just leave the game.
Let us analyse an incidents which happened today:

IAS officer Mukesh Pandey Committed suicide 

IAS officer who was currently posted as DM of Buxar committed suicide, reason behind the suicide as stated by him was clash his family. The frequency of vibration of his wife and his mother wasn’t same that is why there was a lot of clash going on and he left the game.

He recorded his selfie video in which he is making wonderful arguments in the mid of his video he is saying that we humans are not contributing anything to the Universe in a significant way. We are just weaving new threads everyday in order to mess ourselves.

Analysing Human Life and Universe

So, yes we are not contributing to the Universe significantly neither we can contribute significantly to this universe neither we significantly  can but Lets analyse some facts first:

  • The sun is more than a million times larger than our earth where life exists.
  • The surface over which we are living is only few kilometers thick floating over thousand degree Celsius hot liquid.
  • Lots of heavy bodies are moving in the universe which can hit the earth and all can come to end.
  • The earth are also moving which can cause earthquake and all can come to an end.

From above all four bullets it can be concluded that at a large scale human life not more than that of  like case of “bacteria living on leaf floating on the surface of some water body and water body is moving”. We humans are nothing but we are just claiming ourselves of being the supreme power. The life have lots of uncertainty and we can’t add any value to the universe so should we end this life  ???

Lets do a Cost to Benefit analysis of living and Putting full stop to life

As some of the questions are answered by putting another question same is the case here, Can we add something to the universe by ending our life ???
Lets analyse what will be left at the end of life, are we going to get peace, love or any other perks ???
Answer is bold NO,  We will be getting nothing and in return nobody will be there at the other end of the bank to meet and greet you so that you will enjoy. It will end everything with end of your breathe because life has evolved slowly and slowly from a cell to different species and we human being are also one among that but the most developed one. It has took long time to evolve and is kept on evolving up to what extent it will keep on evolving itself  no one knows.  Nobody has created it and nobody is watching you who will give you another life form. Then it is again meaningless if you think to end the life.

Being human what special you have are your emotions, your values, your love towards your loved ones which has been developed after thousand of years and and at the end of life everything ends and you get nothing.