Video backgrounds and UI interactive motion web design animations are taking the web by storm and increasing the average user experience. These two trends are particularly popular because they improve a web visitors interest on a page. Both of these web trends have put a spin on the average plain and simple web design.

They have a created a space to increase user interest and last even longer on the page.  NTW Designs, officials located  at is a USA based web design company that provides advanced web solutions. Read below as the web designers at ntw go deeper in defining video backgrounds and UI animations.

Shaping Up Web Design: Video Backgrounds and UI Animations


video Background

What are video backgrounds?

Just like the name itself, video backgrounds are real videos that make up the top portion or full background of a website. They disobey the above the fold rule as most of them take up the top half of the webpage.However, these video backgrounds are new and popular in web design.


What are UI Animations ?

UI Animations are designs that move in a certain motion where a web visitor can interact with the design.  This motion effect is usually created during a mouse movement. This type of interactive design will get a regular web visitor much more interested in a website.


Why UI Animations and Video Backgrounds are they so popular?

Popularity comes from the overall user experience. A website visitor will get a quick attention grab by just looking at your companies web design when a UI Animation or video background appears. More website visitors are satisfied with a cool interactive UI Animation and a fun to watch  video background than a simple design that millions of sites may have. These two types of web designs are very unique and they both display what the web page want to showcase.


The Tips

Three UI Animation Tips

1-Steady Speed Motion. UI animations must have a steady and even speed. Avoid too slow or too fast speeds. The smallest motion can create the biggest reaction.

2-Rich Illustrations and Vibrant Colors.Rich cartoon-like sketches are very creative and easy to understand the visual. Vibrant colors are bright,eye catching, and easy on the human eye.

3-Compatibility and Adaptability. A UI Animation must be sure to auto resize for every device such as mobile,laptop,tablet, and desktop. A UI Animation must be checked on all of these devices mentioned above to detect that the UI animation design code is compatible with all devices.


Three Video background tips

1-Lower Frame Rate. Lowering the frame rate will reduce the quality of the video,but cut off the video weight that may lead to a slow loading website.

2-Trim the Length. Trimming the length of the entire video is another great secret tip to do when applying a video background onto your website. Trimming the length will also lower the video size.

3-Something Interesting. You have decided to add a video slot on your site that the entire world will see.


There are 3 questions that you should ask yourself.

1-Does this video do a great job of representing the domain/brand message?

2-Are the color tones of this video matching with my web color scheme?

3-Is this video something so unique that the average web visitor will be interested in?


These three questions will guide you get the right video for your company site.


What are the 3 most successful video backgrounds for your website?

1-Actively working. Take a video of your workspace in motion.

2-Close Ups. Close ups capture the eye very quickly.

3-Big Smiles. A big smile will create a positive atmosphere on your site.


Benefits of using UI Animation Design and Video Background for your Company Website

Both of these two designs have their quality features that will improve and increase visitor spent time on a landing page. Aside from their interestingly attractive design, these designs also decrease bounce rate. When a web page may be too boring or slow loading, a web page visitor may leave the page. When a web page does something like display video backgrounds or has a cool interactive UI Animation, the web visitor will stay longer on the site just to see what happens at the end of the animation or video. At the same time, the web visitor will understand what the website has to offer just by seeing this video or UI animation. To conclude, UI animations and videos backgrounds are making web design even more appealing and creating a new form of user experience.